Do not just walk away from your business

    When most agents retire they don’t get anything from the effort and time they’ve put into their
    business. You might get a referral or two you can send to a peer but the problem is there is no
    pro-active effort.

    The Golden Handoff is the process of finding a great Adopting Agent who will take over the task
    of marketing to your clients and make sure you get the most benefit from all the work you’ve
    put into your business. I was able to help one Retiring Agent make $50,000 in referral fees in
    one year!

    Don’t let your business just disappear, take the few simple steps in the Golden Handoff and
    you’ll be making money long after you stop working!

    I would love to talk with you about how I can help you retire and still make money and ensure
    your clients are well cared for!

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